Hardy Honey Bees At U of  M

Hardy Honey Bees At U of M

Hardy Honey Bee Farms is proud to have donated a colony to benefit the University of Michigan’s sustainable food program and the Mattei Botanical gardens.  M Go Blue!

I want to thank you for putting me (and my student organization) in contact with Carl and Linda from Hardy Bee Farms during the SEMBA Conference. They were so generous to donate a colony to us. They gave us an amazing colony in a deep super, as well as another deep super, a medium, a bottom board, an inner and outer cover, a top feeder, and all the frames with wax foundation. The colony has grown so fast that I have added the other deep already.

I am so grateful for Hardy Bee Farms’ generosity and to you for putting me in contact with them. We have already had many educational outings to the UMBees Apiary where many students, new to bees, have learned about beekeeping and the importance of a positive human/honey bee interaction.

Parker Anderson

President, UMBees

University of Michigan

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