What is Crystallized Honey and why does Honey Crystallize?

Without warning, your favorite bottle of honey has become crystallized…what to do? Actually,
there is no need to do anything! Honey crystallization, or granulation, is a natural phenomenon
by which honey turns from a liquid to a (lighter colored) solid. Some people think that the honey
has spoiled but, in fact, crystallization is a sign of quality-it means that the honey has not been
ultra-filtered or pasteurized. Crystallization does not affect the honey’s flavor, it only makes
the honey lighter in color and spreadable.

So why does honey crystallize? Honey is made primarily of fructose and glucose sugars which are dissolved in 17-18% water, therefore making it a super-saturated solution containing higher than normal amounts of sugar. Since glucose is less soluble in water, when it occurs in higher proportions than the fructose, it separates from the water and turns into crystals. As more glucose separates from the water, crystals are formed, eventually turning the honey into a thick spread (making it the perfect topping for toast or cakes!). Some honeys crystallize more quickly and others slowly, some with a fine granular texture and others coarsely; it all depends upon the floral source and how the honey is stored. We recommend keeping your honey in a dry room, away from direct sunlight and at 57-68F.

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