What is Propolis?

Bees have used propolis for millions of years, and humans have used it for thousands. Propolis is a vegetable mastic made by honeybees from resins collected from the bark and sticky buds of a variety of trees and balsamic plants. Gathered by the oldest bees, the resins are brought back to the hive and mixed with some wax and salivary secretions before using to sterilize the hive against infection. Also called “bee glue”, propolis is used by the bees to varnish the hive interior, seal cracks and cement things together. Propolis reinforces the hive and protects the hive.

Our propolis is completely raw and unprocessed. Being raw and unfiltered it may contain small bits of wax, pollen, and other small bits from nature. Each bag has been cold stored and should be stored that way as it gets very sticky at room temperature. Our propolis is in its natural form and has not been melted into chunks or a powder. Colors vary based on the plants and trees in which the bees visit to collect the resins.

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